ComEx control cassettes type 07-351* and made of stainless steel 07-3132-1475-900* are intended for controlling, monitoring or visualizing the operation of machines and automation devices. The product is adapted to connect intrinsically safe and non-intrinsically safe electrical circuits, i.e. data transmission, control systems, power supply, video surveillance, etc. The cassettes are available in three sizes – for one, two or three activators. Additionally, it is possible to connect up to three cassettes. For electrical connection, an M20 cable entry located on the bottom wall is standardly used; it is also possible to use smaller or larger glands. Maximum number of cable glands – 2x M20.

Many different activators can be installed in the control station – from buttons, through switches, lamps, emergency stops, to potentiometers. The activators have the Ex d feature, ensuring flameproofness. In addition, it is possible to use illuminated lights and buttons with the Ex i intrinsically safe feature.

The product can be used in explosive gas atmospheres classified as zone 0, 1 or 2 (G) and used in places with explosive dust atmospheres classified as zone 21 or 22 (D).

Main properties of ComEx control stations:

  • tailored to customer needs,
  • possibility of use in various control,
  • signaling and power supply circuits,
  • many equipment variants, available in polyester or stainless steel housings,
  • possibility of using two- or four-contact modules.