History of EXPROTEC Sp. z o.o.


In 1996 the BARTEC corporation opened a joint-venture company “CARBO-BARTEC” in Poland with its headquarters in Tychy. Since its inception, the company specialises in the manufacture and sale of intrinsically safe equipment, electrical and power electronic systems for power supply, power distribution, industrial automation and communication intended for use in explosion hazard areas, in environments where hazardous substances such as flammable components, vapours, mists or dusts are present. The company also introduces technologically advanced products for underground mining to the Polish market.

In addition to its own solutions in this area, the company is the exclusive Polish distributor of Bartec products \\, a global leader in explosion protection meeting the requirements of the Atex Directive for explosive atmospheres.


Growing share of sales on the Polish market encourages the management of BARTEC GmbH to transform in 2004 the existing joint-venture company into a company under the name of BARTEC Polska Spółka z ograniczoną odpowiedzialnością in which 100% of shares are held by BARTEC GmbH of Bad Mergentheim (DE).

Within a few years, the company manages to reach a high position in the mining industry and successfully expand its business into the chemical, oil, gas and pharmaceutical industry markets, broadening its portfolio with the following product groups for use in hazardous areas:

  • Flameproof transformer units of ZTO type – intended to supply power to machinery and equipment in hazardous areas,
  • Intrinsically-safe contractor breaker of MSL-200 type – intended to supply, control and visualize the operation of electrical equipment or drives in hazardous areas,
  • Compact stations – electrical switchgear type MSL 610 and 1203 designed for remote control of electrical drives of machinery and equipment in hazardous areas,
  • Frequency converters of VSD type – designed for power supply, control and visualization of operation of electric motors located in hazardous areas,
  • Flameproof transformer stations type IT3Su – intended to supply electrical equipment,
  • Control and switchgear – through-branch boxes, control panels, conduit insulators,
  • Electrical heating systems,
  • Electric motors for hazardous areas,
  • Automation and control equipment – BbCM controllers, safety switches, encoders, temperature sensors,
  • Electronic apparatus – leakage protection, mutifunction relays, relay control modules, overcurrent, overload and temperature protection, transmitters and signal separators,
  • Lighting and signaling – flameproof LED lamps and signaling devices,
  • Mobile solutions – tablets, cell phones, scanners.


June 2008 – the company implements a quality management system in accordance with PN-EN ISO 9001 and ATEX Directive.


September 2012 – the company implements a health and safety management system in accordance with the PN-N 18001 standard


May 2013 – the company implements an environmental management system in accordance with PN-EN ISO 14001, while integrating it with other systems and obtaining the Integrated Management System certificate in the scope of “Design, production, sales, assembly and service of electrical, electronic devices, components and logic circuits providing safety functions for various industrial sectors and for operation in explosive atmospheres”.


October 2021 – change in company ownership as a result of the sale by Bartec GmbH of 100% of shares in Bartec Polska to FairCap GmbH of Munich. As a result of signing a cooperation agreement with Bartec GmbH, Exprotec Sp. z o.o. becomes the exclusive distributor for BARTEC Holding, a global leader in the industry, in terms of design, implementation and production of components, subassemblies, machinery and systems meeting the requirements of the Atex Directive for explosive atmospheres.


January 2022 – BARTEC Polska Sp. z o.o. changes its name and continues its activities as EXPROTEC Sp. z o.o.