Flameproof Camera type Bb CAM

The flameproof camera type Bb CAM with intrinsically safe or fibre optic transmission circuits is intended for visual surveillance of facilities and premises with hazardous areas, at risk from explosive gases and dusts classified in the explosion group II C and the group I at risk from methane and/or coal dust.

The video camera with a power supply unit, an isolating barrier, converters, modulators is installed in the main compartment of the flameproof enclosure dSD 03/*. The power supply connection terminals and the video signal terminals or connectors are installed in the flameproof enclosure connection compartment or in the reinforced connection compartment.

There are used analogue or IP cameras. The camera parameters can be configured in accordance with customer requirements. Image resolution up to 2 Mpx with proper configuration and day-time/night-time operation.

The video signal can be transmitted with coaxial, twisted pair, telecommunications cable (also with the existing cable used in mining telephony using free pairs of wires), leaky feeder, fibre optic and Ethernet cable. In addition to analogue cameras, digital megapixel cameras with local transmission or transmission to the mine surface can also be used with the optical fibre version.


  • tailored to customer needs,
  • high-resolution colour camera,
  • small overall dimensions,
  • integrated internal Infrared illuminator,
  • multiple transmission types,
  • also available as an IP rated version or with a rangefinder.
Kamera Ognioszczelna

Explosion protection

Marking (depending on the components used)
I M2(M1) Ex de [ia Ma] I Mb
I M2(M1) Ex de [ia op is Ma] I Mb
I M2(M1) Ex de [op is Ma] I Mb
I M2(M1) Ex d [ia Ma] I Mb
I M2(M1) Ex d [ia op is Ma] i Mb
I M2(M1) Ex d [op is Ma] I Mb
II 2(1) G Ex de [op is Ga] IIC Gb
II 2(1) G Ex de [ia Ga] II Gb


OBAC 06 ATEX 110

Ambient temperature

-20°C to +40°C
0°C to +40°C

Rated values

Ingress protection rating

Supply voltage
230 or 42 V AC

Supply voltage frequency
50/60 Hz AC

Camera field of view
Depending on the lens type, 95.6º ÷ 22.1º

164x164x260 (300, 360, 400 or 440) mm


Selection chart
Transmission type Code Camera length Code
Coaxial cable K 440 mm *
Telecommunication cable T 400 mm 1
Fibre optic cable S 360 mm 2
Leaky feeder C 300 mm 3
Radio R 260 mm 4
Ethernet E
Optical fibre and conductor SK
Thermal imaging camera with transmission TS
Special version X