Flameproof encoder type OE-1

Flameproof encoders OE are designed to measure the rotation angle and/or rotational speed of equipment operating in group I hazardous areas (methane and/or coal dust explosion) as well as in group IIA hazardous areas. Thanks to its compact and solid design, it can be used in harsh operating conditions without the need for additional mechanical guards.

The angle measurement is carried out by means of an absolute encoder, the output signal of which clearly determines the angle of the measuring shaft with a possibility to determine the zero point of the encoder.

The rotational speed is measured by an incremental encoder having two phase-shifted pulse outputs to determine the speed and direction of the rotation.

The signal and power barrier enables the non-intrinsically safe encoder to be powered from an intrinsically safe voltage of 12 V (100 mA) and to isolate the output signals.

In the OE A (absolute) version the SSI signal is separated, conforming with the RS422 standard voltage levels. It is recommended to use quick barriers and a special SSI receiver module to receive the encoder signal. The maximum transmission distance is 100 m. The maximum cable length is 2 m, and it can be shortened as required by the customer. In both versions, the cable is terminated with the Wieland EX plug GOT GG 6 M20**** **.


  • rotation angle measurement,
  • rotational speed measurement,
  • overall dimensions.
Ognioszczelny Enkoder, w wykonaniu Ex

Explosion protection

I M2 Ex d [ib] I Mb
II 2G Ex d [ib] IIA T4 Gb

Ambient temperature

-20°C to +40°C

OBAC 08 ATEX 255

Rated values

Ingress protection rating

Power supply parameters (1,2)
Ui = 12,8 V
Ci – negligible
Li – negligible


length: 170 mm, diameter: 130 mm

approx. 11 kg


O E 1 . *

I – incremental
A – absolute