Flameproof Transformer Station type IT3Su

The flameproof transformer station type IT3Su is designed to supply equipment with a rated voltage of 380 VAC to 1140 VAC and is suitable to supply frequency converters.

The enclosure of the transformer station IT3Su consists of five flameproof compartments:

  • connection compartment with cables or rubber cables supplying the transformer station;
  • high voltage (HV) compartment housing switchgear;
  • transformer compartment;
  • low voltage (LV) compartment housing switchgear and protection equipment;
  • connection compartment housing outgoing feeder rubber cables and control cables.

Transswitch type version:

  • station can be delivered with more outgoing feeders on the low-voltage side,
  • up to nine main outgoing feeders on the low-voltage side,
  • possibility for installing auxiliary and control outgoing feeders,
  • possibility for putting in main outgoing feeders in the form of retractable replaceable inserts,
  • independent safety features for each main outgoing feeder.
Stacja transformatorowa w wykonaniu ognioszczelnym Ex

Explosion protection

Explosion proof version
I M2 Ex db [ia ib] I Mb
I M2 Ex db [ia, ib, op is Ma] I Mb
PB Exd[iaib]I
PB Exd[iaib]sI

TEST 13 ATEX 0075 X
TC BY/112 02.01. 103,0019

Rated values

Ingress protection rating
IP 54

Operating temperature
-10°C ≤ Ta ≤ +40°C

Rated power supply voltage
Un1 (HV) from 3×3000 VAC to 3×6300 VAC

Rated voltage of outgoing feeders
UN2 (LV) from 3×380 VAC to 3×1200 VAC

Rated power
From 400 kVA to 1800 kVA

Overall dimensions
From 3950x969x1470 mm (LxWxH)
To 5250x969x1470 mm (LxWxH)


I T 3 S u * ( * / * )
A Rated power in kVA
B Primary voltage in kV
C Secondary voltage in kV (in the case of a transformer with a second secondary winding or a switchable winding, two values are given)