The heat exchanger type UC-W is designed for use in cooling systems of equipment and machinery using coolant (UC-WW-**- water/water or UC-WP-**- water/air).

The heat exchanger UC-WW-** separates the external liquid (e.g. water of the mine fire-fighting system) from the internal liquid in the cooling system of equipment or machinery, protecting it from damage by clogging with dirt and/or an excessive pressure increase.

The internal system of the UC-WP-** heat exchanger is filled with coolant (e.g. water, glycol, etc.) and heat from the cooling system is dissipated by the air flow generated by the fan(s).

These exchangers are designed in accordance with the good engineering practice with respect to their safety.

The heat exchanger type UC-W can be provided in wither of the two versions:

  • Exchanger UC-WW-**-where heat is exchanged between liquid and liquid (e.g. water/water)
  • Exchanger UC-WP-**- where heat is exchanged between liquid and air (e.g. water/air)

Two thermal systems can be distinguished in the exchanger: an external system to which heat is dissipated (liquid or air, respectively) and an internal system, which is the same in both types of unit.


  • two heat circuits,
  • cooling with liquid or air,
  • clear operating status visualisation.
Górniczy wymiennik ciepła typu UC-W

Explosion protection

I M2 Ex de [ia,ib] I
I M2 [Ex ia,ib] I


Rated values

Ingress protection rating

Ambient temperature
+4°C ≤ Ta ≤ +40°C

Heat output
2×25 kW

Maximum power input
UC-WP – 2×6 kW
UC-WW – 2×0,75 kW

Maximum liquid pressure in the internal system
0,8 MPa

Maximum overall dimensions
UC-WP-02/2.2 2530x1650x1100 mm
UC-WW-25 1600x1500x600 mm

UC-WP-02/2.2 800 kg
UC-WW-25 300 kg

Operating position
vertical (deviation from plumb ± 15°)


U C W * * *
A WW – water-water
WP – water-air
WP 01 – 1 row of WP tubes
02 – 2 rows of WP tubes
03 – 3 rows of WP tubes
04 – 4 rows of WP tubes
25 – WW
Number of circuits Enter a number