Intrinsically Safe Infrared Remote Control Type IPP

The Intrinsically Safe Infrared Remote Control Type IPP is designed to communicate with a master device via infrared wireless transmission.

The device has an IP54 rated enclosure.

Intrinsically Safe Infrared Remote Control Type IPP as an intrinsically safe device is designed for use in hazardous areas such as methane and/or coal dust. IPP is equipped with an IR transmitting diode with a protection rating of op is. The version intended for interoperation with PMB-2, the buttons on the pilot front have the same functions as the buttons on the PMB-2 relay.

Iskrobezpieczny Pilot Podczerwieni wykonanie Ex

Explosion protection

I M1 Ex ia o pis I Ma

Ambient temperature
-20°C to +40°C

JSHP 18 ATEX 0019X

Rated values

Ingress protection rating
IP 54

123.5 x 47.9 x 24.3 mm

Parameters of intrinsically safe circuits

Power supply
Two DURACELL MN2400 LR03 batteries


I P P *

Intrinsically Safe IR Infrared Remote Control

* – 1 The program works with PMB-2 by EXPROTEC sp.z o.o.

Other parameters, including intrinsically safe ones, are included in the instruction manual available on the manufacturer’s website.