The mining frequency converter type VSD-200/690 is a power supply and distribution device designed for hazardous areas at risk of methane and/or coal dust explosion in underground mining and surface parts of mines. It is designed for remote control of electric drives of mining machinery and equipment with adjustable speed, powered by a three-phase alternating current network with an insulated star point of the transformer (IT network). All units in the converter can be adjusted to the operating voltage value within the range from 500 V to 690 V.

The main compartment cover is equipped with a Quadrangular control panel with a sight glass to view all the parameters of the converter operation on an internal monitor. There is a safety switch on the wall of the main compartment to isolate the supply voltage from the converter and all the loads supplied by the frequency converter. Each frequency converter has an integrated, external water-to-air heat exchanger with closed coolant circulation.

The mining frequency converter type VSD-200/690 can supply power to up to two electric motors connected in parallel to the converter. The converter is equipped with separate overload and short-circuit protections for each motor, protective conductor continuity control systems for the rubber cable or the motor power cable, temperature control of windings and bearings. For motor(s) supplied with variable frequency voltage vector the converter is also fitted with a motor encoder signal separator.


  • enclosure in the form of large quadrangular compartments with an enhanced ingress protection rating up to IP65,
  • local or remote control,
  • individual protection for each outgoing feeder,
  • clear operating status visualisation,
  • protection by disconnecting the power supply to the converter when attempting to open the main compartment.
Górniczy przemiennik częstotliwości typu VSD-200/690

Explosion protection

I M2(M1) Ex d [ia ib] I Mb
I M2(M1) Ex d e [ia ib] I Mb
I M2(M1) Ex d [ia ib op is Ma] I Mb
I M2(M1) Ex d e [ia ib op is Ma] I Mb

Ambient temperature
-10°C ≤ Ta ≤ +40°C


TEST 13 ATEX 0033X

Rated values

Ingress protection rating
IP 65

Power supply circuit

Rated voltage
3 x 400 ÷ 690 V AC

Rated current
up to 220 A

Rated power supply frequency
50 Hz

Output circuits

Rated voltage
3x up to 690 V AC

Rated current
up to 220 A

Maximum rated power of the connected motor
up to 200 kW

Rated output frequency of the converter
0 to 200 Hz


V S D 2 0 0 / 6 9 0 . * * *

Selection chart

Number of outgoing feeders Code
One 1
Two (maximum power on each outgoing feeder not exceeding 0.5 of the converter rated power) 2
Two (total maximum power of outgoing feeders not exceeding the converter rated power) 12
Maximum rated current/power of the motor Code
43 A/37 kW 1
54 A/45 kW 2
62 A/55 kW 3
84 A/75 kW 4
104 A/ 90 kW 5
125 A/100 kW 6
150 A/132 kW 7
180 A/160 kW 8
220 A/200 kW 9