The mining frequency converter VSD-630 is designed for power supply, control and visualisation of electrical motors or drives located in hazardous areas at risk of gas and dust explosion. The converter has a flameproof enclosure housing the control, monitoring, separating and visualising equipment. Connection compartments are flameproof. Specialised control modules, control relays, isolating relays, etc. are used as actuators. Beacons, LED or LCD displays are used for visualisation.

The frequency converter is used for stepless speed adjustment of asynchronous motors.

The converter can have one or two outgoing feeder for motors. In the case of multi-motor drives powered from various frequency converters, the adjustment system ensures the alignment of torques between motors powered by converters, one of which is a master in the control hierarchy.

The other converters are slave. The master converter outputs adjustment signals to slave converters, which adjust the torque of the powered motor so that it is equal to the torque of the motor powered by the master. The types of internal controllers used and their software can be used to reverse the master-slave hierarchy.

External communication is performed by an intrinsically safe serial or frequency transmission circuits – wired or fibre optic, with binary signals enabling or disabling local converter and emergency stop signals of the master converter with the slave converters. The emergency stop line has a certain level of functional safety integrity. Parameterisation and monitoring of the converter operation is carried out using the operator panel PSO.


  • rated current of outgoing feeder up to 315 A,
  • independently protected outgoing feeders,
  • local or remote control,
  • clear operating status visualisation,
  • small overall dimensions,
  • multiple variants of the main and connecting compartments,
  • possibility for installing disconnectors in the incoming and outgoing compartments,
  • easy access to switch internals.
Górniczy przemiennik częstotliwości typu VSD-630

Explosion protection

(depending on the components used)
I M2(M1) Ex d [ia op is Ma] I Mb


Rated values

Ingress protection rating

Ambient temperature
0°C ≤ Ta ≤ +40°C

Rated insulation voltage
1000 (1140) V AC

Rated switching voltage
1000/1140 V AC

Rated continuous current
630 A

Number of outgoing feeders
Number of circuits: 1
Number of main outgoing feeders: 0,1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8
Number of auxiliary outgoing feeders: 0, 1, 2, 3, 4
Number of outgoing feeders for release units (brakes): 0, 1, 2, 3, 4

Auxiliary outgoing feeder
24/36/42/127/133/220/230 V AC / 200 (450) VA

Transformer outgoing feeder
24/36/42/127/133/220/230 V AC / 6,3 kVA

Release unit (brakes) outgoing feeder
42/127/133/220/230 V AC / 5000 VA

Configuration of contactor operation
single-speed, two-speed, reversible, star-triangle, parallel, serial

(W x H x D) 2445x1140x1040 mm (with grommets)

3500 kg


V S D 6 3 0 1 1 4 0 / * *

01 single outgoing feeder, power up to 630 kW
01 double outgoing feeder, power 2 x up to 315 kW
12 double outgoing feeder, total power up to 630 kW
44 four outgoing feeder with a total current of loads of 500 A