The ZNS type protection is used to protect three-phase outgoing feeders against the effects of overloading, short circuits and the supply current phase imbalance, including equipment (motors) operating in hazardous areas. If the imbalance element is switched off, it is also possible to apply the protection to single-phase circuits.

Communication with the user is via text messages displayed on the display. Buttons are provided to navigate the device menu. The protection has LEDs indicating the operating status of the device. It is equipped with 3 actuating relays.

The device has an input that is used to reset messages appearing on the display. The status of the resetting input and relays is indicated on the display.

Zabezpieczenie nadprądowe silnika typu ZNS

Explosion protection

Rated values

Ingress protection rating
IP 20

Ambient temperature
-20°C to +70°C

45x101x120 mm

Supply voltage
Un = 24÷42 VAC/DC

Maximum line-to-line voltage
1140 V

Nominal current setting range
0.1 ÷ 24 A
0.1 A ÷ 2 A, 0.01 A increment
2 A ÷ 10 A, 0.05 A increment
10 A ÷ 24 A, 0.1 A increment

Setting range of the short-circuit element
Ir/In = 2 ÷ 12

Maximum cable diameter
2.5/4 mm (stranded core/wire)

Modbus RTU

Access password
combinations 00000000 ÷ 99999999

User interface language
Polish, English, German, Spanish, Czech, Russian, Turkish