Safety switch type Ex ZS 75

The safety breaker type Ex ZS 75 is designed for emergency stopping of machinery, equipment, belt conveyors and large industrial plant. Depending on the purpose, the safety switch can be used as an emergency stop switch, pull rope emergency stop switch, single-side or double-side or as a sensor monitoring for belt “running in”. The safety breaker can be activated by pulling the rope or pressing the emergency button.

The device is available in two versions:

  • the first variant contains only passive switching elements of microswitches,
  • the second variant, apart from passive switching elements, also contains a certified, intrinsically safe input module SBG exx (OBAC 08 ATEX 265U) being part of the intrinsically safe system type SBS 100 (OBAC 08 ATEX 267).

Cable grommets can be mounted on two opposite walls of the safety switch enclosure. Certified reinforced metal or plastic M25x1.5 or M20x1.5 grommets are used.


  • small overall dimensions,
  • interoperable with belt conveyor automation systems,
  • multiple version types.
Awaryjny wyłącznik bezpieczeństwa typu Ex ZS 75

Explosion protection

I M2 Ex db eb I Mb
I M1 Ex ia I Ma

Ambient temperature
-20°C ≤ Ta ≤ +60°C



Rated values

Ingress protection rating

The first variant

Break contact switching voltage
250 V AC (230 V DC)

Contact rated current
AC-15: 6 A
DC-13: 0.25 A

Cross-section of connected cable
0.5 to 1.5 mm2

Range of choked cable diameters
6 to 14 mm or 14 to 18 mm

The second variant

For detailed information, refer to the instruction manual.


  • Ex ZS 75 W 2Ő / 2Ő
    double-acting cable switch
  • Ex ZS 75 NA 2Ő / 2Ő
    emergency switch
  • Ex ZS 75 S 2Ő / –
    double-acting cable switch with identification
  • Ex ZS 75 SR 1Ő / –
    belt convergence sensor

* The safety switches can be equipped with one or two single (1Ő / 1NC) or double (2Ő / 2NC) contact modules with normally closed contacts or with normally open contacts (1S / 1NO) or (2S / 2NO).